Hello World!

Welcome to our new website!!! We are so excited to introduce you to a site that better reflects our personality as an organization, and one that is simply more functional. Though we are still making some changes and working out some kinks, we hope this will make YOUR life a whole lot easier when looking for the information you want.

With that said, we are also excited that the 28th annual State Games are right around the corner on July 13 & 14. In fact, we’ve already held some successful events, including soccer, bowling, judo, and fencing! (We have a few more events that take place before our big tournament weekend in July, so please check your sport and mark your calendars!)

While we’ve spent the past few months getting ready for the games as a whole, we can’t help but wonder: What do our athletes do to get ready for their particular sport? How often do you train? Do you train alone or with a friend?

These are all questions we can’t answer without your feedback, and we’d love to create a space on our site that facilitates that type of interactive atmosphere. We want to be an open book to anyone who is curious, and we want you to feel like you’re being heard, too.

So, leave us a comment, and tell us… How do you train for the Games?

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