Volunteer Steering Committee

We couldn’t run the State Games of Oregon without this group of dedicated volunteers!  Thank you for everything you do!

Archery – Leroy Dukes, Gene Queen

Badminton – Tom Boettger, Sharon Moore

Bowling – Linda Wells, Ginny Heisler

Diving – Lori Leach

Fencing – Suzanne Marx

Gymnastics – Rob Petit

Pickleball – Jim Cessna, Paul Haertel, Mike Hoxie, Steve Paranto

Shooting – Sabrina Lett

Skating – Troy Chambers

Swimming – Julie Greenaway

Table Tennis – Tim Titrud

Track and Field – Diane Crane, Keith Maneval

Volleyball – Mike Vixie

Water Polo – Mari Jo Prlain, Vicki Ryen-Hudson, Marty Verlinich