Results - 2006

2006 State Games of Oregon Archery Results
  Tualatin Hills Park and Rec, Beaverton, Or.
  July 8-9, 2006


Cub Female 11 & Under

Gold: Madison Barnett, Portland, Or.

Silver: Alica Curiel, Portland, Or.

Bronze: Mayla Curiel, Portland, Or.


Cub Male 11 & Under

Gold: Alex Thomas, Klamath Falls, Or.


Youth Male 12-14

Gold: Brandon Streeter, Gresham, Or.


Senior Male

Gold: Johnny Hale, Central Point, Or.


Bowhunter Free

Female Adult

Gold: Cheryl Mattson, Willamina, Or.


Male Adult

Gold: Christopher Richards, McMinnville, Or.

Silver: Steve Phillips, Beaverton, Or.

Bronze: Jon Mattson, Willamina, Or.


Male Senior

Gold: Del Moore, Bend, Or.

Silver: Richard Newton, Albany, Or.



Cub Female 11 & Under

Gold: Cathy Thomas, Klamath Falls, Or.

Cub Male 11 & Under

Gold: Hunter Mattson-Nelson, Willamina, Or.

Male Youth 12-14

Gold: David Thomas, Klamath Falls, Or.


Male Youth Adult 15-17

Gold: T.J. Phillips, Beaverton, Or.

Silver: Shawn Sheppeard, Clackamas, Or.


Female Adult

Gold: Cindy Thomas, Klamath Falls, Or.


Male Adult

Gold: Michael Thomas, Klamath Falls, Or.

Silver: Dan Conradt, Portland, Or.

Bronze: David Pursley, Milwaukie, Or.


Male Senior

Gold: Jim Thurlow, Boring, Or.

Silver: Karl Okita, Milwaukie, Or.

Bronze: Jeffery Landis, Portland, Or.


Male Masters Senior

Gold: Leroy Dukes, Fairview, Or.

Silver: Gene Lueck, Albany, Or.

Bronze: Michael Casey, Portland, Or.


Freestyle Ltd

Female Cub 11 & Under

Gold: Jean Elliott, Portland, Or.


Long Bow

Male Adult

Gold: Michael Streeter, Gresham, Or.



Male Adult

Gold: Kyle Williams, Hillsboro, Or.