Results - 2007

2007 State Games of Oregon Archery Results
Tualatin Hills Park and Rec, Beaverton, Or.
July 2007



Cub Female 11 & Under

Gold: Madison Barnett; Portland, Or., Score: 626

Cub Male 11 & Under

Gold: Alex Thomas; Klamath Falls, Or., Score: 508

Silver: Mac Weinstock; Portland, Or., Score: 241

Bronze: Daniel Hurwitz; Portland, Or., Score: 99

Senior Male

Gold: Eric Ford; St. Helens, Or., Score: 757

Young Adult Female 15-17

 Gold: Jaclyn Rubinchik; Portland, Or., Score: 301



Adult Male

David Pursley; Milwaukie, Or.

Adult Female

Gold: Pegeen LeFever; Milwaukie, Or., Score: 970


Bowhunter Free

Adult Male

Gold: Steve Phillips; Beaverton, Or., Score: 1008

Silver: Jerry “Woody” Woodbury; Beaverton, Or., Score: 958

Bronze: Glenn Severson; Portland, Or., Score: 862

Cody Lefever; Milwaukie, Or., Score: 817

Senior Male

Tony Frostad; Gresham, Or.



Adult Male

Gold: Michael Thomas; Klamath Falls, Or., Score: 1102

Silver: David Nelson; Tualatin, Or., Score: 1093

Bronze: Dan Rennells; Vancouver, Wa., Score: 1068

Chris Bachman; Vancover, Wa., Score: 1059

Dan Conradt; Portland, Or., Score: 983

David Pursley; Milwaukie, Or., Score: 808


 Cub Female 11 & Under

Gold: Cathy Thomas; Klamath Falls, Or., Score: 1087

Masters Female

Gold: Linda Maxson; Milwaukie, Or., Score: 319                                                                                                                         

Masters Male

Gold: Don Kudlacek; Longview, Wa., Score: 1101

Silver: Ike Thomas; Klamath Falls, Or., Score: 1055

   Leroy Dukes; Fairview, Or., Score: 1055

Bronze: Cal Bennett; Goldendale, Wa., Score: 1039

Gene Lueck; Albany, Or., Score: 1010

Gene Queen; Boring, Or., Score: 979

Gene Cowan; Newberg, Or., Score: 950

 Michael Casey; Portland, Or., Score: 797



Senior Male

Gold: Karl Okita; Milwaukie, Or., Score: 1072

Silver: Jefferey Landis; Portland, Or., Score: 1046

Bronze: Tony Frostad; Gresham, Or., Score: 1019

Jed Sele; Sweet Home, Or., Score: 904

Michael Casey; Portland, Or.

Young Adult Male 15-17

Gold: Shawn Sheppeard; Clackamas, Or., Score: 456


Youth Male 12-14

Gold: David Thomas; Klamath Falls, Or., Score: 1033

Silver: Ian Crist; Silverton, Or., Score: 963


Long Bow

Adult Male

Gold: Phil Kron; Portland, Or., Score: 589

Silver: Michael Streeter; Gresham, Or., Score: 132

Jeffry Gottfried; Portland, Or.


Recurve Freestyle

Fita Female 18 & Under

Gold: Amanda Sisson; Cloverdale, Or., Score: 867

Fita Male 18 & Under

Gold: Kyle Cramer; Eugene, Or., Score: 889



Adult Male

Gold: Christopher Richards; McMinnville, Or., Score: 634

Silver: Kyle Williams; Portland, Or., Score: 507