Draws - 2013

Click here: Badminton Draws 13   to open an Excel spreadsheet with the 2013 Badminton Draws.

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Event Tabs:
JB SA – Junior Boys Singles, Group A
JB SB – Junior Boys Singles, Group B
JG SA – Junior Girls Singles, Group A
JG SB – Junior Girls Singles, Group B
GD A – Girls Doubles, Group A
GD B – Girls Doubles, Group B
J BD A – Boys Doubles, Group A
JX – Junior Mixed Doubles
MSO A – Men’s Open Singles, Group A
MSO B – Men’s Open Singles, Group B
WSO A – Women’s Open Singles, Group A
WDO – Women’s Open Doubles
MDO A – Men’s Open Doubles, Group A
MDO B – Men’s Open Doubles, Group B
XDO A – Mixed Open Doubles, Group A
XDO B – Mixed Open Doubles, Group B
MS 40 – Men’s 40+ Singles
MD 40 – Men’s 40+ Doubles, Group A
MD 40 B – Men’s 40+ Doubles, Group B
MXD 40 – Mixed 40+ Doubles
SENIOR MS – Men’s Senior Singles 56+
SENIOR MX – Mixed Senior Doubles 56+