Results - 2005

2005 State Games of Oregon

Table Tennis


Female 11 and Under

Gold: Gabriella Karp; Portland, OR

Female 11-14

Gold: Mary Dana

Silver: Ni Ngo

Bronze: Nagini Reddy; Portland, OR

Male 10-13

Gold: Frank Liu

Silver: Quoc Anh Ngo

Bronze: Will Potter; Portland, OR

Male 20-49

Gold: Peter Wong; Clackamas, OR

Silver: Jeffrey Jones; Portland, OR

Bronze: Michael Jiang

Male 50-64

Gold: Jim Scott; Portland, OR

Silver: Kern Shim; Portland, OR

Bronze: Phil Goldsmith; Portland, OR

Male 65+

Gold: Bill Mason

Silver: Robert Ho; Portland, OR

Bronze: Tom Mitchell; Eugene, OR


Gold: Roger Castle; Portland, OR

Silver: Hung-Yu Chen

Bronze: Man Yan

Under 400

Gold: Quoc Anh Ngo

Silver: Will Potter; Portland, OR

Bronze: Cody Shroeder; OR

Under 700

Gold: Aaron Fox

Silver: Valerie Chia; Portland, OR

Bronze: Cheryl Lund

Under 1000

Gold: Orion Lange

Silver: Sean Layton

Bronze: Oanh Co; Tigard, OR

Under 1400

Gold: David Edwards; Beaverton, OR

Silver: Giang Ly; Portland, OR

Bronze: Orion Lange

Under 1700

Gold: John Xu; Portland, OR

Silver: Phil Goldsmith; Portland, OR

Bronze: Mabbeskal Man; Beaverton, OR

Under 2000

Gold: Roger Castle; Portland, OR

Silver: Peter Wong; Clackamas, OR

Bronze: Man Yan

Wildcard Doubles

Gold: Harry Ehrmantraut; Springfield, OR / Darrel Lund; Eugene, OR

Silver: David Edwards; Beaverton, OR / Kitty Mak; Portland, OR

Bronze: David Helman; Silverton, OR / Cheryl Lund; OR

Women’s Singles

Gold: Oanh Co; Tigard, OR

Silver: Kitty Mak; Portland, OR

Bronze: Mary Dana