2013 Water Polo Schedule

July 13 and 14, 2013

Multnomah Athletic Club ~ 1849 SW Salmon Street, Portland


  • 2013 USWP Rules.  This is not a USWP sanctioned event.
  • 5 minute Quarters for all games.  Running Clock with a 5 goal differential.
  • Men: Pool play determines Medal Championship games.
  • Women: Pool play will determine medals
  • Tie-Breakers- 1)# of wins vs loss 2)Head to Head 3)Goal Differential – scored against 4)Goal Differential – scored for.
  • 2 – 20 second timeouts per game.
  • There is no warm up in the game pool due to the time constraints. 
  • Sudden Death OT.
  • Team listed second wears dark caps.
  • Each athlete will receive a State Games T-Shirt (while supplies last).
  • Championship Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place
  • Maximum 14 Players on a Team.  Athletes can be on only one roster per division.  Women can play on a men’s team. 
  • Signed Rosters must be turned in at check-in prior to the first game.  


** Table Workers:  Since there is no host team, we need volunteers to help at the table.  If you don’t have a non-player volunteer, you need to get adult players to volunteer.  Non-participant volunteers will receive a free t-shirt (while supplies last).  Volunteers can sign up to help at:


and choose convenient times to help.                          


Men’s Division – Plays Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th (bracket placement does not indicate level of competition).

Mikasa Bracket                                 KAP7 Bracket                                                   

MM1.  Beaverton                                MK1.   Chehalem                                

MM2.  Old Goats                                 MK2.   Portland Masters                                   

MM3.  Sunset                                       MK3.   Blue Crush                                                              

MM4.  Thills                                        MK4.   Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC)

MM5.  Eugene

 Women’s Division – Plays Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th (bracket placement does not indicate level of competition) – Round Robin Format determines Medal Champions.              

1.  Thills                                                         

2.  Thills Alumni                                

3.   OSU

4.  Blue Crush

5.  Chehalem


Any Questions?  Please contact:

Vicki Ryen  503.781.0394 Mari Jo Prlain 503.936.6888 Oregon Amateur Sports  503.520.1319


Thank you for playing in the 2013 State Games!


2013 Water Polo Game Schedule


Saturday -July 13th   Division      Game #  Teams_______________________________________

7:30am                                                MM1 vs MM2                    1             Beaverton vs. Old Goats              

8:15am                                                MM3 vs MM4                    2             Sunset vs Thills

9:00am                                                MK1 vs MK2                      3             Chehalem vs Portland Masters

9:45am                                                MK3 vs MK4                      4             Blue Crush vs MAC

10:30am                                              Women’s 2 vs 5               5             Women’s Thills Alumni vs Women’s Chehalem

11:15am                                              Women’s 1 vs 3               6             Women’s Thills vs Women’s OSU

12:00pm                                             MM1 vs MM5                    7             Beaverton vs. Eugene

12:45pm                                             MM2 vs MM4                    8             Old Goats vs Thills

  1:30 pm                                            MK2 vs MK3                      9             Portland Masters vs Blue Crush                              

 2:15 pm                                             MK1 vs MK4                      10           Chehalem vs MAC

 3:00 pm                                             Women’s 1 vs 4               11           Women’s Thills vs. Women’s Blue Crush

 3:45 pm                                             MM2 vs MM3                    12           Old Goats vs Sunset

 4:30 pm                                             MM4 vs MM5                    13           Thills vs Eugene

 5:15 pm                                             Women’s 2 vs 3               14           Women’s Thills Alumni vs Women’s OSU

 6:00pm                                              Women’s 4 vs 5               15           Women’s Blue Crush vs Women’s Chehalem

 Sunday -July 14th Division       Game #      Teams_______________________________________

7:30am                                          Women’s 2 vs 4               16           Women’s Thills Alumni vs Women’s Blue Crush

8:15am                                          MK1 vs MK3                      17           Chehalem vs Blue Crush

9:00am                                          Women’s 3 vs 5               18           Women’s OSU vs Women’s Chehalem

9:45am                                          MM2 vs MM5                    19           Old Goats vs Eugene

10:30am                                        MM1 vs MM4                    20           Beaverton vs Thills

11:15am                                        MM3 vs MM5                    21           Sunset vs Eugene

12:00pm                                       Women’s 1 vs 5               22           Women’s Thills vs Chehalem

12:45pm                                       MK2 vs MK4                      23           Portland Masters vs MAC

 1:30 pm                                       MM1 vs MM3                    24           Beaverton vs Sunset

 2:15 pm                                      Women’s 3 vs 4               25           Women’s OSU vs Women’s Blue Crush

 3:00 pm                                      Women’s 1 vs 2               26           Women’s Thills vs Thills Alumni

 4:00 pm                                      Men’s Bronze Medal 27           2nd Place of Mikasa Bracket vs 2nd Place KAP7 Bracket

 5:00 pm                                     Men’s Gold Medal       28           1st Place of Mikasa Bracket vs 1st Place KAP7 Bracket


 *Team Listed second wear dark caps please.

For Women’s Division, Round Robin Format determines Medal Champions.

For Men’s Division, 4:00pm and 5:00pm games on Sunday determine Medal Champions.